Scandinavian chess table

Scandinavian chess table



 The Scandinavian chess table is made out of traditional Nordic Birchwood and is considered to be a classic coffee table. The design is inspired by the 50s Danish style with the legs sliming down to the floor and a slim tabletop.

The size of the tabletop is 700X700mm and the height is 595mm.

The angle of the legs are 11 degrees and they slim down from 40mm to 20mm.

The size of the chessboard is 400X400mm with every square being 50X50mm

Table designed by Bruno Jonsson

4 reaktioner på ”Produkt

  1. This is a miracle – there are no words to describe this beautiful table. This exclusive table will be a formidable success. It is a masterpiece!! I wish I was the owner of an exclusive artistic furniture company that had the opportunity to sell this chess table world wide.

  2. Gryyymt!!! Jag älskar schack! Finns det här bordet någonstans i närheten av Borås?

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